Thursday, 3 September 2009

Vintage, nostalgia and a new simplicity at Formex in Stockholm

I rec
ently visited Formex in Stockholm. A fair of interior design accessories and gifts.

A haven for interior design lovers...
Here you can find all things decorative for your home.
I think this one was one of the best so far...
Very high quality stands and a lot of new and young designs of high st
The picture from Lisa Bengtsson "vintage" café summons it all. Vintage, proper old things, retro design in new production, black and white and new prints with nostalgic images put together to a new pattern (by textile designer Lisa Bengtsson) and with a red accent...

Another strong colour scheme are the happy colours of the 50-ies.
Kitschy, happy things for the kitchen and bathroom that will lighten up any bland interior. Within this "trend" we also found a lot of crochet, from making table mats to false flowers and cup cakes! A bit of Asian influences can also be found here, we can see a return of the Indian rugs, often as patchwork!
A new simplicity was found where white and black, and the new "black" - grey i around.
Basic, and sometimes nostalgic
patterns with a modern feel. Like the cushions in the Finish stand, Finland was guest of honour at this fair.

The "ski chalet" is another interesting inspiration at the moment. With a mix of the basic wooden panelled walls, vintage furniture and natural colour scheme, it has a new simplicity with a very homey feeling!

Last but not least, the Swedish dish cloth, "Wettexduk", made from nature (pine), washable and recyclable, was found in a lot of stands in new and modern designs! Even as Christmas tree decorations!

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