Thursday, 4 February 2010


I was helping my dear friend Pamela Nite to introduce to Sweden the American range, Nambé, metal bowls, chandeliers, wine coolers etc in a very luxury and durable metal that can be frozen and put in the oven! Her team, from left, Ann-Britt Wallmén, Brita Offen, Pamela Nite herself and me, Ann-Katrin Berggren.
Get your needles out and get crocheting! Old fashioned handmade oven mitts are all back in fashion. "New order-nary (ordinary?)" was one of the trends that the Swedish Fashion council are predicting (reading?) for the near future.
A closer look at Nambé, which was introduced by Pamela Nite/Home Set this spring.
Mjuka vårliga pasteller med bevingad dekor visade Mateus! Poetiskt! Soft pastels with flying decor, Mateus. Poetic!
Moderna dalkullor! Modern girls from living in Stockholm och taking old and very regional patterns and giving them a modern colourway. Modern ordinary! Mrs Murphy.
Turquoise, some say it it the colour of the season, well, I would like to say one of them, alongside pinks and mild greens for this spring. Lovely and fresh pattern on fabric and accessories. Spira.
Knitting kits, modern and trendy by, Catarina shows us some of the new designs.
I you have not noticed yet, the Swedish crown princess in getting married on 19 June! And to celebrate that some of Sweden's best design companies has, together with crown princess Victoria herself, made a collection with table linen, china, chocolates, glass ware, cutlery, silver, pewter etc all shown in a magnificent stand at the Formex fair.
Linen, preferably a bit creased, and in natural colours, are back again. Together with vintage furniture, concrete sculptures etc it is a bit less ordinary.
From white, black to grey. This years outdoor furniture should be stained grey! Add some jeans cushions etc and you get the right look for summer 2010.
Pink is back, here mixed with orange! 1960-ies revival. 10-gruppen.

Silhouettes and recycling was the main themes of the popup café designed by Lo Bjuruld och Sasa Antic. Fresh and inspiring.

Urban Dining Exhibiton and Buffet was put together by designers Geir Oterkjaer and Maria Nordin.
The wanted to create a space with a blend of mobile garden, gallery and creative chaos, all brought together in an almost industrial environment.
Made my thoughts go to Rosendahls Trädgård in Stockholm, Petershams Nurseries in Richmond/London and Daylesford Organic in Kingham(The Cotswolds, also in London).

Crocheted lampshade in the Urban Dining are.

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