Tuesday, 3 August 2010

AMARETTO PARFAIT delicious dessert

Last night we had a dinnerparty with some friends from and on our fantastic archipelago island Gåsö....

We had freshly boiled beetroot and goat cheese for a starter (again). Filet steak and chantarelle risotto as a main and amaretto parfait with black sugar and wild rasberries (picked outside our door!) as a dessert. Here is the recepie for the lovely homemade icecream:

Will make 6 portions

3 egg youlks
1 dl (100 ml) sugar
3 dl (300 ml) whipping cream
0,75 dl (75 ml) amaretto liqueur
sugar and rasperries for decoration

Whip the egg youlks with the sugar until it is fluffy and creamy. Whip the cream, it should be quite firm. Mix the eggmix with the whipped cream. Add the amaretto and stir gently. Pour into ramequins and decorate with sugar and rasperries or something similar. Freeze.
Let them thore for about 20 minutes before serving. Delicious....

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