Wednesday, 15 September 2010


A few weeks ago I went to a gift and interior design show in Stockholm. Formex, has become one of the most interesting interior shows in Scandinavia these last couple of years.
Not much had happened since the last show in February but what felt new was the colour purple, from deep purple to lilac. A trend that is shared with fashion at me moment....
Mauve mixed with black and warm grey at Mateus (
Mixed with greens in Mairos new fabric that will be shown at Chelsea Design Week next week.
Stripes is one of Linums strong patterns, this Autumn in purple and green....(
At one of the cafes at the fair the press breakfast was presented in gift boxes. Inside was luxuriously packaged yogurt, sandwich and brightly coloured macaroons. Not so environmentally friendly but beautiful and different.
Purple mixed with the blues at Paradisverkstaden (
Paradisverkstaden is best known for its the latest "forms" inspired by nature.
From purple nearly over to pink at Guzzini (
Deep, deep purple in table linen and china from Himla (

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