Friday, 20 May 2011


I am in Nicosia, Cyprus, for the weekend. My husband is working (financial seminar) and I am being a tourist walking round the old town. And look what I found. A new and modern Cypriotic restaurang "Working together in time", lovely name and according to the receptionist at my hotel it is one of Nicosias best and new places. Where supposed to have gone there tonight but have to go to a business dinner instead. Will go tomorrow and tell you all about it! (corner of Xanthis Xenierou and Trikoupi).
I found this wonderful "Turkish bath" in the Old Town, not only can you have some nice bathtime, you can also have massages and treatments. Hamam (, Separate days for women, men and couples!
Some parts of the Old Town are tourist traps but this Boganvilla growing just over the restaurang and hotel Rimi are in a lovely setting, have a salad and a drink, it has that typical Greek Cypriotic feel to it. A lovely piazza to spend a lazy afternoon in!

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