Thursday, 13 October 2011


My stepson James is getting married 12 May next year and have asked me to make Sloe Gin for all the guests. I was a bit worried not be able to get all the berries in time. But, I found quite a lot not very far from home. I picked over 2 kilos there and another kilo at Brockhampton on a nice walk last Saturday.
This is how you make it.
You need per liter gin

400 gr sloeberries (if they are not frostbitten, put them in the freezer over night, at least) prick them and put in a glass jar. Add
350 gr sugar and then poor 1 liter of gin over it. Shake.
Shake the bottle once every day for two weeks and then once a week for three months. Sieve the gin and discard of the berries. Add more sugar if you want it sweeter.
The Sloe Gin will just get better with time. A couple of years vintage is just an advantage to the taste...

This is how they look after a week!
Lovely and easy peasy to make...

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