Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Colourful London, from fashion with Meadham Kirchhoff to art with David Hockney

I went to London Fashion Week last week, assigned by the Swedish Fashion Council. One of my favourite designers , even though crazy, are without doubt the designduo Meadham Kirchhoff.
They explained that it is partly because they have no social life that they "take it out" on doing colourful, quirqy and carneval inspired fashion. It looks like it is just to mix and match but if you try it yourself at home you will find that it is not that easy! The same goes with David Hockney....lovely colourful art partly done by using his iPad! A must see exhibition if you are in London (Royal Academy of Art). Do not miss to look at the films he has made showing there!
Made me think of Henri Matisse and Andy Warhol at the same time. Two thing that Meadham Kirchhoff and David Hockney have in common are the strong colours and the positive makes you feel happy!

The bustier was present in most of the collections showing at London Fashion Week. Here Meadham Kirchhoffs version!

David Hockney, forests and nature. Colourful and happy!

This painting is huge! And fantastic to experience live! Go there!

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