Wednesday, 12 September 2012


It is just weeks before all the department stores and shops will start displaying and selling Christmas decorations etc. This is a little preview from Åhléns (Sweden's biggest department store chain) and some other agents I visited during the preview week in august. Ikea I will report from a bit later etc. Above a white and black theme with lots of grey. Birch bark as a decoration is not new but still going strong. White, pearls and glitter and sculls here we come!

Just look at these woolly reindeer's, lovely little creatures!

Knitted mugs and jugs etc, just an illusion, all in ceramic. Saw similar things in London more than a year ago. I wonder if the buyer went their for a look?

 More traditional and romantic Christmas with lingonberry and roses. Look at these lovely little one person pots, a trend for small portions we see in a lot of table ware stores today.

Old fashion fonts that takes you back to the Vikings, a theme we see around at the moment. BBC in England are showing a historic and archaeological program just now, very good and interesting. Linen and reindeer skin finishes the look off.

Red and black, dramatic Christmas with big stars and black sheepskin on the floor. I love the chandelier, makes me think of the Adams Family somehow.

Skeletons and sculls are in! Not only as jewellery and Halloween. Now they are our new guests for the Christmas tree. I bought some small ones in white last year for my sons tree at Paperchase in London.

NaNatural materials like birch bark and wood mixed with silver, glass and white shimmer, like frost on a cold winters day! Nice and fresh.

At Studio St Paul in Stockholm the Christmas was vibrant and happy. Look at these traditional candle holders in trendy pastel colours and the Swedish Clogs in Christmas tree green!

Stripy stars with a saffron yellow accent. warm and spicy colours for Christmas. Studio St Paul with Watt&Vekes Stars.
I will be back shortly with more Christmas from Ikea etc and a small autumn guide from my hometown of Stockholm. Now I am off to London to watch Anna dello Russos collection for HM and London Fashion Week followed by London Design Festival, oaaohh...

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