Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Wonderful dress shown yesterday by Meadham Kirchhoff at London Fashion Weeks last day! Takes me back to my teenage years! Late 60-ies and early 70-ies. These baby doll/a-shaped dresses was part in most of the London Designers collections in one form or another. This one is for the exhibitionists but there will surely be more toned down versions on the high street!

More from Meadham Kirchhoff. Velvet in blocking colours and patterned. Girly and feminine. Again, I had a skirt like this in 1976! Take an extra look at the boob shaped line. Something that popped up here and there at this show!

Over sized Chanel! That is how this looks to me! Nice and dressy and quite calm for being Meadham Kirchhoff! Wearable and nice! Look at the platform metallic boots with the sweet bows! Again, takes me back to 1972!

This will be a hit trend in Scandinavia. Grey, warm, dressy and girly at the same time. Short duvet jacket with a woolly feel and the skating skirt with the new length (just over the knee). Nice and warm! Topshop Unique AW14. More from LFW tomorrow!

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