Monday, 14 July 2014


Sorry for not having blogged lately. I have started my summer holidays and have spent a lot of time contemplating. Got some handicraft energy and finished the oven mitt that I started about two years ago. Not bad result...and practical...whatever next?

This was my last assignment at college (doing an HND in Graphic Design at Gloucester College, UK) before breaking up for the summer holidays. The idea was to be inspired by the famous American artist Wayne Whites work and find an old painting (worthless) to paint a sentence or word on (of your own choice). This painting has been living in our garage for a while (owned by my stepdaughter and bought because of the nice frame. I chose "who do you think you are" since I find that a  lot of people should ask themselves that question (including myself) today! Was part of the student exhibition at Gloucester College in June.

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