Monday, 15 December 2014


Christmas this year seems to involve a lot of goats...common in Scandinavia (Sweden is my native country) but a bit of a novelty in the UK. This year I have seen them everywhere, from London's Regent Street to Fosseway Nurseries (as above) in Moreton-In-Marsh, The Cotswold's, UK.

A lot of birch around this Christmas as well. From these silhouette trees to decorations of all sort.. (Fosseway Nurseries)

Even some Elghs had found there way into the Cotswold's. A very common "logo" for Sweden! Fosseway Nurseries again!

I just love these baubles with the reindeer. Had to buy one! And not too expensive £3. Fosseway Nurseries.

Such a lovely winter hedgehog! With glitter on the spiky back. Fosseway Nurseries.

And lovely boots in the tree, warming! Fosseway Nurseries.

Not that it is normally any snow in the Cotswold's during Christmas, but one can hope to be able to use this lovely sledge...
HM:s Christmas windows in London, and the rest of Europe, was covered in Birches and funny golden symbols. Like the models found themselves dreaming in a forest wonderland. The Swedish broadcaster and journalist Göran Everdahl found it very depressing and his analysis was a bit too far fetched in my opinion. Models in a northern forest at Yule time! As simple as that!

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