Thursday, 15 January 2015


Topman was first out with inspiration from Carnaby Streets during the early 70-ies, Punk, Beatles and Ziggy Stardust. Fun and cool fashion for the younger dudes!

Tartan suit and furry coat! Think Vivienne Westwood and the Afghan Furs during the hippie period! Topman again.

The trendy guy will wear pin stripes in grey wool next winter with double breast and wide collar! Topman. Note the hair!

Moschinos catwalk was the most glamorous of the London Collection Mens weekend. RHS Langley Hall was turned into a wintery spruce forest and it was snowing. Well built models were showing of fake furs in animal print, golden duvet jackets and inspiration from the French Revolution (think Les Misérables). Fun and relaxing fashion with a crazy edge...

Gold, silver, animal prints at Moschino!

Golden duvet, jeans and animal print Moonboots. Perhaps your luxury outfit for next years skiing trip!

Tiger of Sweden showed elegant and basic top fashion. Next years must have jacket is definitely the bomber jacket. Worn like this over the suit or with jeans. Polo neck jumpers is a must!

Subtle checked suit in burgundy worn with a pink hoodie. Very trendy for next winter! Start wearing it like this this summer! Tiger of Sweden AW2015!

More from Tiger of Sweden. Jogging outfit worn with a shirt and tie and the short coat. Perfect look for AW2015.

A lot of inspiration came from the football supporters mixed with elegant Italian fashion. Like here, CMMN SWDN, thing Milan mixed with skinheads! Preppy and very wearable!

I did not see any beards on the models, but a lot of flat and shiny hairstyles or more punky and frizzy - or long and curly - think Harry in One Direction!

Emma Hedlund from Malmö is one of the designers of CMMN SWDN!

One of the coolest presentations was done in the underground car park at Westminster! Belstaff had built a bikers café and served te in mugs and good looking models in biker trendy gear!

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