Thursday, 17 December 2015


White Christmas at Ikea with silver baubles and those dressed with fabric! Why not lay your Christmas table this way. Use your own white china etc and decorate with silver and branches of pine or spruce, real or fake. The real ones smell very seasonal! This year I chose to dress my Christmas tree in mainly white, glass and silver with an accent of read. More about that soon. In my family we do Swedish and English Christmas so if you follow me here I will sample you bits of both. Tomorrow gravad lax!

My local garden centre show off an impressive Christmas "Market" with all kinds of decorations from silvery white to Disney inspired themes.

Ikea again, with grey china and classic glasses. I think that they could easily put up more and far more spectacular seasonal displays...

Since I was in Chicago just recently I want to show you this display that I found at Bloomindale Home. Mix greys and blacks with gold and silver, add some birch logs and spice with a bit of red. More tomorrow with gravlax...

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