Friday, 28 April 2017


I went to see a very good friend of mine lately. And found her house more beautiful and serene than ever. She has merged her big"summerhouse" (it is the house she grew up in)with the semidetached house in Stockholm suburbia. Her collection of art and ceramics from Upsala Ekeby sets the tone. Mixed with some new and old furniture she has created a home with a feel of an artists studio. She has frequently visited Mykonos with her family since the 1960s and the mix with her love of ceramics (mainly from Upsala Ekeby) has merged into a style of her own. 
A green installation in the corner of the "snug".

The ceramics is grouped by colour and shapes. Here some dark red with yellow! Artistic!

Barbro´s choice of art goes from naive Greek paintings to motives from Stockholm and Uppsala.
More vases and ceramics from Upsala Ekeby, grouped on the floor in one of the bedrooms. Calm and serene colourway.

The house is full of still lives. Here in the dining room.

Barbro loves green! On the second floor this still life can be found...

In the dining room we find a mix of colours and local art that Barbro picked up from boot sales and flee markets.

A traditional and very "kurbitz" corner cabinet filled with ceramics, another lovely still life by Barbro.
The darker and metallic glace is very typical for Upsala Ekeby.

Barbro is also a very big fan of Josef Frank and Svenskt Tenn.

Her love for green is most visible in the charming kitchen were the 1950s kitchen units has had their doors removed to make the decorative china visible to everyone.

Traditional Swedish kitchen furniture with the very "kitchen typical" bed sofa (sofa bed or bench bed) where the "servant/help" or the small children would sleep. The elephant print is by Josef Frank/Svenskt Tenn.

In the kitchen window, a selection of planters and pots from Upsala Ekeby.

The kitchen sofa is filled with cushions covered in fabric by Svenskt Tenn and traditional Swedish stripes. All in greens, of course!
In the snug/library upstairs more greens and pots from Greece.
More Upsala Ekeby in natural tones upstairs.

By one of the "ceramic stoves" (a typical Swedish feature)"kakelugn" more ceramics...

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