Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Black on the table and as a base in your home is a well known classic "colour". But I detected a black trend for the table etc (and kitchen). The black "trend" has been bubbling in the background for a while but now it is a fact! Above, traditional ceramics from Nittsjö with an old fashioned crouched lace to go with it.

Black and white by RYM at EkPr. Mix patterns use to feel quite busy but know we love it!

Ann Wåhlströms answer to pots in ceramic by DesignHouse Sweden. She is more known for her glassware and vases, bespoke!

Paradisverkstaden in Öland surprised us with this monochrome collection.

Skruf is a glassware company with some history of basic glass design. Art Deco inspired news shown at Formex.

Saga Form is not only glassware and pots. Black tableware again! Matt surfaces of course!

Portuguese inspiration by Xania. Artisan modern at its best.

Finally, the cook shop/tableware chain Cervera has added Paradisverkstaden to their collection and also introduced their own new black tableware collection. Nice! More about trends, colours from Formex etc soon!

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