Friday, 8 September 2017


Hi guys, I am back! Here at Mio in Stockholm in my own take on black and yellow. Necklace, jacket, top and bangle from HM, beanbag from Selfridges and shoes from Topshop a couple of years ago!
Yellow has always been one of my favourite colours. Ever since I wore flared jeans in canary yellow in the early 70s and they shouted "chicken" at me in the street. I even had a cap that I made myself in yellow towelling fabric! And of course, it works very well with black and white. I went to London for a meeting and the dentist and when taking a walk on Oxford Street came across a lot of this "trend". I saw some of it at LFW earlier this year but did not quite predict how big it would get! Well here is some more. T-shirt that I found at John Lewis, Oxford Circus by PS by Paul Smith, of course!

Reconstructed jeans and yellow lace! Cool combination, will go well with the cowboy boots in yellow coming up here. Topshop!

Citric yellow with dark dark navy and some 70s inspiration in a new way. Flared trousers and over sized tops...

Stripes, monochrome and silver...with the yellow. it! Topshop again.

More retro design, boots from Topshop.

Cowboy boots 2017! Topshop.

What goes better with cowboys than cacti from the desert. Barry the Cactus has opened a shop in shop at Topshop/Oxford Circus.

At Zara the monochrome was more sporty chic, think Agnes B! Add some yellow, green or red!

More simple version on cowboy boots at Topshop.

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