Thursday, 5 September 2013


The entrance to this spectacular art gallery situated by the sea with stunning views and walkways outside. A big café and a restaurant on the topfloor with a topterrace with a viewing space! This art gallery was built and founded by the owner of Baby Björn. If you have been to Louisina in Denmark you can see some inspiration from there. This is even better! You can go by bus from the Centralstation, ferry boat in the summer and your own boat or car. Plenty of car parking and moorings!

Around the concrete and wooden building (lots of big glass windows) there has been created lovely walks and paths into the forest and by the sea.

On the topfloor, the restaurant - open all day - with typical Swedish Interior an furniture design. Note the wooden panelling on the wall!

On the terrace, formations of stone and slate and a growing roof! Plenty of viewing space!

The outdoor furniture was designed in the 60-ies and are still being manufactured by the same factory -

Sweet vase with heather. Can be bought in the art galleries shop!

The current exhibition is work by William Wegman (until 22 September) best known for his pictures of Weimaran dogs. This exhibition shows an other side of his career. Much prefered by me, his research of nature and from his upbringing in the woods around Maine. I cannot quite get my head around the idea of dressing dogs etc and photograph seems like he has replaced people in his life with dogs. Not an uncommon way of living!

Around and on the Artipelag building you can find sculptures, a nice addition to the nice surroundings.

An example of the georgeous views.

A lot of attention to detail has been added to the restrooms!

 Some humour from William Wegman. Photos he found with pine cone noses!

Wegman often uses postcards that he extends with his own work. This is an installation made especially for this exhibition.

More examples of the humour that Wegman adds to his art. The "wallpaper" is by him too!

Some more examples of his dogs! Poor dogs!

I love his "scrapbook" art with quotes and notes from being in the forest.

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