Friday, 31 January 2014

BRING IN THE ZING in your home

I went to the Home/Topdrawer/Craft fair recently and picked up the zing fling! The zingy yellowy colour has been around for a couple of seasons when it comes to fashion and I thought it was gonna be gone by now. But I guess this was a colour that is harder to take to heart! But now it has also reached the home front. Personally I have always loved this colour and had my tiny dining room in my bachelor flat in yellow and black, would still be going strong (sold the flat two years ago).  Above, even very minimalistic and architectural Artek had put colour on Alvar Aaltos footstool. A trendy mix of yellow, salmon pink and black! Yeah...

50-ies inspired vases from Danish company Broste. Mix with turquoise blues and greys.

Think Tiogruppen (The Ten Group, Stockholm), Marimekko, Pop Art and Mondrian. New wallpaper/wall decoration from Hemingway Design shown at Home (Earls Court, London, January 2014).

Knitted zing, this handicraft trend is still going strong. Again, mixed with salmon pink and grey with a hint of blues.

Swedish textile company Linum showed there classic and significative stripes in new springy colours and with Josef Frank (Svenskt Tenn, Stockholm) inspired floral patterns. Zingy and fresh!

Finish company has had a huge revival in the last century with the 1960-ies pattern UNIKKO. Now in new zingy colours for this spring and summer. Fantastic evolution of their own heritage!

Zingy and British. New florals with brushy flowers from Blue Bell Gray. Note the geometric pattern which is found in a piazza in central Stockholm "Sergels Torg". A quirky  mix with florals.

Think Squint in wool and very zingy colours! Traditional and trendy at the same time.

Colander in zingy yellow or black as seen at Home (Earls Court, London, Jan 2014).

Again, what in Sweden would be called "Sergels Torg squares" by Niki Jones, seen at Home. Really nice with the combinations of black, beige, white and yellow. I like! And again, a hint of salmon pink and turquoise...

Mappy patterns with a zing for the office.

Put a bit of zing into your office!

More zing for the office. Staplers in a design that makes me think of girly shoes. Lovely colour combination of blues, yellow and salmon pink, again.

Zingy up the wall. Mixed with grey like in the 50-ies. Shown at Home at Earls Court this Jan.

Zingy wool. British made!

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