Thursday, 2 January 2014

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REF NUMBER: MKO/2001/25432


My name is Kenneth Ifeoma; i am the account officer of Mr. Victor Pickering from the United States of America. Mr. Victor Pickering executed a contract with the Nigerian government of worth $36.5 million United States dollars. The fund was lodge into our bank for immediate remittance into his bank account. Our bank has made the first and second transfer of the fund into his account worth $20 million dollars because the fund was slated to transfer $10m, $10m and $16.5m. Right now my client has account balance of $16.5 million United States dollars in our bank here.

Over eleven years after we received information that Mr. Victor Pickering died on the terrorist attack September 9/11 2001 with his family,I have tried to locate his next of kin, but it yields no result. The issue right now is that the board of directors of our bank wants to confiscate this fund if I did not present the next of kin as the accounting officer. The directors gave me only two months to present the next of kin or consider the fund confiscated.

I was searching for his relations and I couldn't find any of his relation. All I want you to do is to stand as the next of kin to my late client Mr. victor Pickering so that we can receive this fund and share it together instead the board of directors from bank to confiscate the fund.

If you accept this deal, I will like you to state how you will want us to share the fund after you might have received it in your bank account, because we shall use your bank account to receive the fund. Also we shall work together as a team to claim this fund because I have the certificate and other vital information of the deposit of the fund.

If you are interested in this quick deal : CONTACT MY PRIVATE ATTORNEY He Will represent your interest and submit an application letter with your information to the bank but he agree to work on percentage which is 5percent once the money been transferred into your account, fill the form below and email to him or my hunble self . Email: or
Include this reference number : MKO/2001/25432

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Kenneth Ifeoma.

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