Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Tropical summer fashion just now in London with rain forest inspiration and lots of swimwear. One will just hope the weather will hold up to it this summer. HM at Oxford Circus.

More HM, with "Games of the Throne" as inspiration! White lace and gold!

Beach huts and rowing boats is the inspiration @ Oasis! Mix colours and add some waves!

Lacey summer dresses, for all the summer parties and festivals. All nice and bright colours! Oasis.

More colourful summer fashion in store with Oasis.

Summer tropical theme at ...other stories with arty paper bags and ferns...

This summers must have sandals, in mixed colours. These are from Clark´s, only £49.90! Note the trendy painted panels, something for your garden this summer.

Stripes and citrus. Just up my street. Could not justify buying another stripey summer dress in black and yellow. But soooo lovely, Topshop.

Mix and match this summer, lace, plastic, jeans, flowers. The choice is yours. Such fun...

Stripes again, mix with flowers and red! Topshop again.

Topshop also had a tropical palm theme in their windowdisplay! And for all of you who invested in yellow last summer, bingo to you. It is here for another season...

More tropical and yellow! East.

Juicy accessories for this summer. Melons, bananas etc, HM.

And again, for all of you (me!) who has already invested in a yellow summer wardrobe, the good news again is it is still here for another season at least. Mellow yellow.Zara...

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