Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Easter dinner party according to Ikea with creased linen, the grey scale of colours and of course, yellow! 

Easter decorations for the Swedish tradition of hanging them in some birch branches, with or without feathers! See below! These fabric cockerels are from Swedish department store chain Åhléns.

More from Ikea. Use their decorative sellotape. Not so sure if this will appeal to all, a bit too Gothic ans "black". Hmmm, not so sure I like it, a bit to "funeral"like.

I found these sweet decorations at my local Ica Maxi (Swedish "Tesco") for my "påskris" (Easter branches). the black and white feathers are from Åhléns.

Close up of Ica Maxi Easter bunny egg!

My Easter feathers in green!

More feathers and decorations "Swedish Style". HAPPY EASTER.

More from Ica Maxi, matching paper napkins! Suits my black and yellow branding...

More from Ikea, again, decorative but a bit to "serious" for Easter. Trying to hard to be trendy and different?

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