Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Moooi is one of the biggest reasons why I regret not having gone to Milan and Salone di Mobile this year. Looks absolutely fab! They have emphasised their efforts on carpets but there was no pictures of any rugs etc in the press kit that arrived today in my mailbox. You will have to do with the above picture. 

Marcel Wanders has passed 50 and seems to have started going down memory lane! I love this rocking horse that combines imagination with classic furniture. "Arion" is one of the new products showing at Milan this spring.

Piet Mondrian never seems to get out of fashion! This is Marcel Wanders homage to the world famous painter. Chair "Charles".

Specially designed for all power nappers! This Sofa is called just "Power Nap". By Marcel Wanders and shown now in Milan! I hopefully will have more to report tomorrow even though I am not "live" in Milan"    

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