Monday, 10 October 2016


This extraordinary chest of drawer was shown at 100%design during the design festival. Somehow it makes me think of the trends in fashion at the moment. Similar design idiom with abstract and irregular shapes. The mother of pearl effect and blues and pink! 

The shades of blue was reoccurring during the festival, from pale blues and turquoises to darker blues heading towards petroleum. Here an impressive way of walling at 100%design.

Marble, gold and petroleum blue velvet. It could not be more trendy just now. The right combination of materials. 100%design.

More velvet and irregular patterns from the Spanish stand at 100%design.

Velvet, blues and greens from Kirby Design in collaboration with Deadgood Design at Designjunction. Invitingly soft and decorative.

More exclusive and high end sofa in petrol by Holly Hunt.

Softer forms on sofas and "puffs", 100%design, in blues and black! More soon...

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