Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Went to Chelsea Flower Show yesterday and was happy to find so much colour! On the flowers, on the walls etc. This garden was influenced my Mexico.

Chelsea in Bloom, a project to save rare animals in Africa etc, invited shops and businesses around Sloane Square to participate with a "Safari" theme. A lot of monkeys, giraffes, elephants etc. I will soon write a blog just about this project.

A mix of colour, the rainbow in the same border, a multicolour trend is arising...

Lovely new species of orchids, I love orchids!

The queen of colour, Tricia Guild, had cooperated with Annika Rice and gardener Sarah Raven to create this colourful and happy garden for BBC2.

The Silk road had inspired to this Chinese garden. A bit kitschy but sort of fun and happy! Not quite my cup of tea!

More Safari...and more from Chelsea soon...

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