Friday, 5 May 2017


London Craft Week is on! A celebration of handmade objects and handicraft, from food to ceramics, small artisan work to the big brands like Burberry, Mulberry etc. Not sure what I think of this, a commercial event or a serious try to highlight English products and highlight how much handicraft really are invested in these products. From cars to food! Above, high quality knitting from Scotland by Bamford (Daylesford Organic is under the "same roof" by the Bamford family.)

It was hard to understand that this was part of London Craft Week. An installation of Danish ceramics at Skandium/Marelybone Road.

Gunnel Sahlin, Swedish glass designer and a good friend of my mine had been invited by the Craft Council etc to showcase her latest work at Vessel Gallery, 114 Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill. The exhibition goes on until 3 June. Colourful sensual vases etc, a must see!

Not sure if some of the participants in this Craft Week had taken it seriously enough. At Selfridges all you found was a small stand making filter coffee in Japanese glass jugs. Hard to find the exhibitions and a lot of the events had to be booked in advance and also quite frequently needed to be paid for! The catalogue should have been more informative and guiding in how to manage the week. London is VERY big!

The weather was cold. Felt for these french umbrella makers who had to stand outside. New exhibits every day at St James´s Market, Piccadilly! The Scandinavian restaurant Aquavit held a special dinner for London Craft Week. They have a lot of Scandinavian high class handmade products in the restaurant.

Mulberry showed how their most popular bag is being made at the store on New Bond Street.

Wonderful portraits of the craft behind the Mulberry bags! Window display at Mulberry, New Bond Street.

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