Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Went to a gallery last weekend run and showing materiel made by Hasse Lisskog and Eva Åkerwall Lisskog. Industriart.eu, where you can find the openingtimes and pictures of all the exhibits etc....I found it very interesting with all the elements of todays interior trends without even trying to be trendy! Recycling on a high level....nice! Ringvägen 77, in Stockholm, Sweden.
The table is made by Eva and Hasse from an old door from Evas birth home with industrial legs and laquered. She has made the concrete plates, bowls etc, very chunky and poetic at the same time!
I just found out that the chair that I had in my bachelor flat in Stockholm is designed by a danish designer, Viggo Boesen, in 1936! It has just turned into a sheep by upholsterer Fia Fox and is now a new family member in our lovely house on Gåsö in the Stockholm Archipelago...

And spring has finally reached the Stockholm Archipelago and we have a lot of there firsts signs, "Blåsippor", close to our house......promising!


  1. Om du er interesseret i at sælge din Viggo Boesen fåtölj, er jeg meget interesseret. Mail: anderslar@hotmail.com


    1. Ursäkta sent svar, nä, är inte intresserad av att sälja fåtöljen, vi älskar den. De hade ett ex på Designers Guild i London som de sålde för £ 3.100. Och vårt ex är i mycket finare skick och nyrenovera. Vad hade du tänkt för summa?