Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Stockholm Design Week started this morning with the Cervera Group (dining and cooking products). A new colour for this china, retro style in grey. Nice!

Cupcake baking is still going strong. At Cervera you can get everything you need including royal icing!

Smart baking accessories, a measuring jug with built in scales and a baking ladle that serves as a thermometer! All in fresh pastel colours.

Copper is considered the best materiel by chefs for saucepans. A new professionel range at Cervera Group in Sweden.

Marseille is the name of Cerveras exclusive colour by Le Creuset. Notice the shiny new knob!

Professional trays in stainless steel. Elegant and long lasting, Cervera again.

The furniture group Mio showed a lot of vintage and retro style sofas! More tomorrow from Stockholm!

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