Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I have had a yellow spell for quite a while and suprisingly - the mellow yellow trend with shades from neon to canary and mustard is still going strong. I captured myself in the mirror at Indiska in Stockholm last week!

They even planted neon yellow Dahlias in Kungsträdgården in the heart of Stockholm.

Even the Swedish famous "Dalahäst" is now available in yellow @ Illum Bolighus at Hamngatan in Stockholm.

Ikea is concentrating on kids this coming year. This interior is from their latest press show in Stockholm. Yellow rug and details in the bed! More to come about Ikea later on this blog!

This lovely Duck has been put on towels at Ikea this coming season!

More yellow furniture from Illum Bolighus in Stockholm.

Bedspread in sunny colours, more from Illum Bolighus.

One of my favourite Swedish designers working with felt, fabric and rugs are Pia Wallén, this rug she has designed for Asplund in Stockholm!

China with inspiration from the 60-ies at Mio (Swedish Furniture Group) in black and white goes extremely well with yellow!

More from Asplund, hand made porcelaine from Mud.

Danish furniture company Bolia showed this new sofa @ their shop on Götgatan in Stockholm this week.

Yellow in the centre of Stockholm. To make the massive roadworks @ Sergels Torg in central Stockholm bearable for the citizens the benches, flowerpots and flowers were all sunny yellow! Nice and happy!

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