Tuesday, 20 August 2013


FORMEX is the interior and gift fair no 1 in Sweden. Very popular and the first fair out in the new season. Like starting school again after the summer holidays. I dressed in black and white with the (still going strong) animal prints and neon yellow to brighten it up! Habitat just opened a franchising shop at PUB in central Stockholm and had the honest to do the interiors for the meeting point in the fairs (newly enlarged and redecorated) entrance area. The petroleum blue is one of the upcoming colours for the next season.

Interiors mixed with art, frequently found on this fair. Here ceramics in traditional hand made style in vivid colours. Notice the grey, very big on china and ceramics and on the dining table this season.

Pinkish orange, chocking coral.Here again mixed with art at Agneta Livijn.

Apples as chandeliers and rug at this ceramic producer.

Tie die and runny colours in blue and beige at Linum.

Blue poetic decorations against fresh white and goldish metal.

Not what you think it is. A firefly disguised as a fire alarm!

Jan Rundgren was the stylist of the trendy café. Eclectic mix in bold colours.

Ceannis, bag maker, celebrated its 10 year  birthday this year. Not only bags, throws and cushions are in the big range too.

The devil is one of the nick names for a schnapps in Sweden. Here literally taken to heart by Orrefors.

Ernst is a famous homemaker, designer, chef etc on Swedish TV and has his own furniture range. This practical bench in one of them.

Greens in combination with black is big and adds a freshness and crispy look to a black interior. New fabrics from Spira.

More greens and blacks from RBA. And again, in combination with art in the background.

Thunderstorm blue and grey @ Habitat!

Still lifes and desks with inspiration taken from the 60-ies. Habitat in the entrance hall.

Eclectic mix in green and blue. Mix old and new patterns, china, glass, wood and bamboo! Creates a colonial fresh style. Jan Rundgren in the big café.

Why not chocking pink or green on the floor in contrast to black table and benches and the slightly colonial styled area! Adds a new modern look to vintage items.

More from Jan Rundgrens café. Here he has mixed old and new chairs in different colours and styles. Take an extra look at the glass vases with wild white flowers like grass and cowslips!

Animal prints are still very much around. Notice the humoristic heads on the wall in paper! More from Jan Rundgren.

Traditional wall paper mixed with eclectic patterns and art in reds and pinks! More trend from Jan Rundgren.

Traditional furniture in bold colours and mixes. Art and photo prints on cushions. Jan Rundgrens café again.

Mild pinks and corals are in!

Animal hooks add a bit of humour to your home! Jan Rundgrens Café and trend zone.

Knots and folded paper. Nice contrast. Cushions and lamps in candy colours.

A new take on kurbitz and and traditional folklore.

Lamps and shades is all seetrough and made of wire or metal or natures own materiel such as wood, rattan and bambu. All a bit with hints of the 50-ies and 60-ies.

Lina Johansson, young new designer with an interesting new take on 60-ies colours and geometric patterns. Well done Lina!

Linum had the honour of making a stand in the entrance hall showing organic products in a marine and a bit vintage style. Calming!

Ljungbergs Textiltryck showed monochrome prints not only for the home but for fashion as well. Had a young new Asian designer. More to come from him here on my blog later! Best in show! More tomorrow with some trends from the Swedish Fashion Council and more! See you all tomorrow. 

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