Tuesday, 20 October 2015


This impressive installation is still to be found (until 1 Nov) at the V&A. "The Tower of Babel" is created by artist Barnaby Barford and tells a story about London, the society and consumers. The tower stands 6 meters tall and are built of 3000 bone china shops. Each one unique, each a copy of a real and existing shop in London photographed by the artist. At the base the shops are derelict and at the top are the crème-de-la-crème of London´s galleries and boutiques. The tower likens our efforts to find fulfilment's through retail and reach heaven! For me it has likenesses to Maslow´s hierarchy of Needs! Each shop in the tower will be for sale at the V&A during the exhibition (the model in china i.e). Do not miss it if you are in London!

The shops in detail...

...and even closer...tomorrow more installations, from Somerset House and the V&A!
All photos by and copyright Ann-Katrin Berggren.

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