Thursday, 15 October 2015


Faye Toogood is a multi tasked English artist and designer. She works with installations, ceramics, clothes etc. For London Design Festival she was found both at the V&A and at Somerset House. Above "The English "Living room" in her version! Drawn on big canvases and with pieces of "furniture". All in white and black. She said that she can only work in these basic shades of the grey scale since all her concentration has to be on the actual design."

At the V&A Faye´s project was called "The Cloakroom". Where you picked your favourite coat (designed by Faye) in a cloakroom and then went round the V&A to find the sculptures that was made from the a form made from one of them. Each coat was equipped with a sewn-in map that guided the visitor through the second part of the installation, ten places in the museum where you could discover a series of garments inspired by nearby gods. The coats are based on an Oil Rigger Coat. Faye has recently launched a fashion collection together with her sister Erica who is a pattern-cutter, a collection based on "working" clothes (baker, farmer, sailor etc) and was to be shown at Paris Fashion Week.

The coats!

The sculptures as miniatures in the Cloakroom.

One coat in marble in a marble environment.

...more coats...

Carved in wood...

The mould

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