Monday, 5 October 2015


Today I am back at the 1970s. After two weeks in London with fashion (SS16) and interiors (fabrics and interiors, more up-to-date) the influence from this decennial is big. Not a copy, not the same, but a lot of inspiration. Then the jeans and shirts were very tight, but not stretchy. I could not sit in my then so super trendy Sisley jeans. The shirt I took in to be super fitted would burst if I had to much for dinner. Now they are comfy! What a difference. Unfortunately the heals are not! The ankle boots are back even though they were more of a 60s fling. There, the mix is what is the difference. The colours, rust, petroleum blue and mustard yellows are very much the early 70s. Here, ankle boots from

More "hippie" trend from Burberry. Like you put on your grannie´s curtains. The suede patchwork and the fringed bag are also like relics from the 70s.

"Nervous" velvet we use to call it then. Here new fabrics from Black Edition in retro colours. 

More retro velvet, this time from Christian Lacroix @Designersguild. Just right with the photographic wallpapers.

Psychedelic wallpaper, so in again. These are brand new from Cole & Son. Note the sun mirror! So retro right!

More velvet in mild olive green by GP & J Baker. Makes me think of Oscar Wilde.
The ultimate cocktail suit this autumn is in shiny velvet by And affordable!

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