Monday, 9 July 2012


My garden is turning blacker and blacker with white roses, Jasmin, a hint of blue and some traditional Swedish Geraniums, Mårbacka, in pale pink! The magnificent tulips this year, Queen of the Nigh, has already flowered. I got them at a very good price at Ikea, and I bought hundreds!

Just look how gorgeous they look in my contemporary black pots and outdoor furniture by John Reeves.

Japanese blackish plants mixed with tulips and white lavender. The glass bowl sculpture is by Björn Vingård/Skåne/Sweden. Not forgetting to mention the dry stone wall that we had made when we moved in just over six years ago.

The paved garden with its black furniture, plastic fantastic by Tomas Sandell for Ikea and John Reeves exquisite metal chairs and tables for Heals.

Petunias "Black Satin" a novelty two years ago. Now in my garden in these lovely pots by Arabia/Finland.

In the early spring my garden was yellow and black with these lovely Primroses.

At the front of the house, pots with black violas and the primroses that has now stopped flowering. But the violas has gone bananas and are reaching far out from the pot!

More violas and primroses.
Fantastic plant at Hampton Court Flower Show. Like a big peace lily in purple black, Tacca Amargii.

Finally, Black Poppy, also from Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Mixed with the white and blue, astonishing effect!

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