Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I often have a simple salad for lunch. Depending of what i have in the fridge it will dictate my lunch. Here, boiled eggs, broccoli, green beans and feta cheese on a bed of salad.

Green beans again, my favourite green, cucumber, celery, leak on a bed of rucola. Topped with a mint sprig and a dressing made from sunflower oil, french mustard, light brown moscovado sugar, salt and pepper. Fresh!

This has become a summer favourite. Cooked chicken, strawberries, tomatoes, rucola and basil. Serve with a garlic based vinaigrette.

Tomatoes, rocket, cauliflower and ham. Simples!

And finally. My personal Swedish lunch special. Crisp bread with boiled new potatoes and mustard herring. You can get the bread and the herring at Ikea and Waitrose!

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