Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012

This years Hampton Court Flower Show was even more into communal and urban gardens. Reuse, recover and recycle again, and stronger than ever! Here one of the small gardens that shows what you can achieve with vintage and recycling and handmade! Lovely!
This year was also an international year, perhaps due to the Olympics with gardens from all over the world from Switzerland to Jordan.

Just see what you can make out of some old teacups!

The outdoor area at this community garden and shop!

Ecover is one of the big sponsors of this show this year and they are introducing some new product and flavours. Also making it obvious that the bottles are made out of sugar cane and are recyclable!

Inspired by the London riots last year and graffiti this garden gets your mind going. Urban gardens and the use of the graffiti when at its best. More of that, thank you very much. I recently went to a graffiti exhibition at the Kulturhuset in Stockholm. They should have done their research a bit better!

Having your own hens have become very popular. Here some Gypsy inspired hen houses for your fresh eggs.

Best in show went to this unusual garden, Bridge over Troubles water, set like a bridge over a tiny river with pinks, whites and greens. Thoughtful!

Back to one of my favourite gardens. The little and Communal garden with a kitchen and shop area taking us back to the 50-is. Comforting.

More of the Communal garden, recycle is the word.

The Badgers Beer Garden. When can we build and open it! Would suit my hometown of Chipping Campden (The Cotswolds in England). Just look at how they have used and recycles the bottles.

A lot of unusual ways of gardening was shown. Just look at these lovely animals, from the Loch Ness Monster to cuddly dogs.

The Italian Job! Graphic and architectural! Blues and whites, somehow it made me think more of Greece!

The Jordan garden. They do not have many plants in this country but the garden was calm and peaceful and full of space.

Just a still life to highlight that simplicity is more. An old wooden box, a jug and a peony. Do you need more?

I will definitely copy this way of growing your own salads, herbs and flowers. Stilt the growing boxes up! No slugs or caterpillars, hopefully. The deer's will unfortunately still get to them!

This was my favourite garden, and I just heard it got Gold!
 Also the 
cheapest garden at this show. It only cost £7.000 altogether. Designed by a Turkish girl living in the UK you can see the Mediterranean influence.

Another cheap garden with lovely sunny walls. No need for sun to get burning!

 Finally the scarecrows made by local schools. Andy Murray now in the semifinals at Wimbledon!

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