Tuesday, 26 August 2014


A new more colourful trend are emerging in the home! At Formex in Stockholm recently we saw a lot of happy and a bit muted colours for the table. Here from www.noxtable.se with inspiration from the Mediterranean.

From burgundy to cerise. A mix of reds and dark pinks feels new again. Takes me back to the early 90-ies! This still life was found at the trend stand at the entrance plaza at Formex, styling by Jan Rundgren!

More inspiration from the late 90-ies with a mix of colours and the double carnations arranged in the bowl. Mairo.se and styling by Agneta Törnquist.

Even Rice had gone more sophisticated and mixed more vivid colours with beige and more muted shades. Soft pastels and a fresh turquoise mixed in, look at the legs of the sofa!

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