Friday, 22 August 2014


The very talented designer Monika Förster at Oaxen this Tuesday!
The latest news from table ware company Rörstrand (Sweden) are the Inwhite and Inblue collection. A collection designed by Monika Förster. -It took five years from brief to final results, she tells us at the press preview this Tuesday. -It was a very thourough brief, she contiunues, with a research into Swedes eating habits etc. Rörstrand wanted a classic new series for the table that would suit a lot of people and at the same time be very simple and timeless. -Not an easy brief, and they also wanted a pattern. I am not very fond of patterns and do not even dress in them, she tells us further.  She started the work by visiting Rörstrand museum to get inspiration. In the end the final result is a mix of Koka Blå and Blå Eld,  two very famous historic collections, and of course Monika and her teams own design.                                                            


The new collection was shown at trendy and well known restaurant Oaxen at Djurgården in Stockholm. 

A  discrete R to show the classic design is placed on all the white parts of this collection. Elegant!

White and blue are classic colours for table ware in Sweden.

The cup can be used on its own as a mug. The smaller plate has a close relationship to Koka Blå!

The collection is a mix of plain white parts and patterns in floating blu! Mix as you like!

The preview in the retro inspirered surrounding of the Oaxen Restaurant with a great deal of influence from the 1950-ies, clearly showes the timeless design of the new collection.

The trademark of Rörstrand discretely shown on the pasta dish!

Nice styling!

The whole new collection shown together with Koka Blå and Blå Eld at the top to show the close relationships between the designs!

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