Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Retro is today what we call any inspiration taken from the past. Hasn´t this always been around? For the last 30 years we have looked back at the 1950-ies a lot. And now we are back again. The muted and faded pastels, geometric patterns, wooden round shapes and metal "string" legs. This is what the Swedish department chain Åhléns are offering just now!

More nostalgia, here the inspiration are fetched from the 1960-ies. Thermos flasks and pots etc from Danish Interior Company Eva Solo.

More retro, this is the present window display at Nordiska Galleriet (Interior Design Shop) in Stockholm.

Pink is still very much the current colour. But not in a sweet way. Mixed with grey, black and other great pastels i gives a fresh and feminine touch to any interior.

More pink! Soft, elegant and functional in a very Nordic and Scandinavian way. This was part of the trend exhibition at Formex recently, styled by Jan Rundgren. More to come later this week!

Pink mixed with orange is more of a 1960-ies thing! Embroidery is also back! And take an extra look at the arty tableware. This is from the PR-company Très Pr:s presshow recently in Stockholm!

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