Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Union Jack as banners made from flowers. One of the signs of the Centenary of the show. It was not only me who were surprised that more was not done to celebrate. And since the ban of Gnomes was gone, how come there was not more of them around...perhaps even some angry ones like in the current Ikea ad!

Grassy lady walking around the showground with her umbrella.

David Austen do not only sell roses but also china and cut roses in bouqets. The cakes you have to make and bake yourself.

Why not use lamp shades as plant pots...

Homebase´s garden got a gold medal.

Lavender in nice company of old chairs and lampshades in the garden, why not!

The Garden of Magical Childhood, one of the small and lovely Artisan Gardens.

Marigolds as you have not seen them before, by Wateraid in India. Lovely colours, and if you live in Sweden or where there is a lot of deer and sheep. This garden will be left alone, they will not eat Marigolds (Targetis).

An old pharmaceuptical garden. All the plants here will help or cure you in some way!

Rusty colurs and surfaces. We saw a lot of this, from copper to rusty iron and the colour picked up in these Dahlias and leaves. This one is called The Mindfullness Garden inspired by the chaotic and uncertain time we live in today.

More rust and metal and walls made from poured concrete. With a smoth contrast of cherry flowers and soft foliage.

A lovely display of wheelbarrows. From gold to green!

Interflora celebrated the shows 100 year by displaying cut flowers by decennium. This is the 20-30ies.


50ies. With the photographer in the mirror!

60ies with Arne Jacobsens Egg chair and Mary Quant inspired Gerbera.

70ies and 80ies with music as the theme and the move from vinyl to CD.

Now! Geometric and with a choice of flowers that we enjoy at the moment!

Flower Show not only at Chelsea Flower Show. This summery display was found in the window of Paul Jones at Sloane Swuyare. Being Swedish this display made me think of Midsummers Eve Celebrations when we dress a cross (Maypole) with birch leaves and branches and this king of flowers. 

The American fashion company Rag & Bone with their relatively new shop at Sloane Square had dressed the shop and the windows accordingly! Very nice!

More Rag & Bone with lovely Daisys

Rag & Bone again, with Lily of the Valley.

Inside Rag & Bone at Sloane Square, this lovely old barrow with wild plants and flower.

The shoe designer Emma Hopes flagship shop in Sloane Square had a drystone wall built for Chelsea Flower Show. Made me feel like home (I live in the Cotswolds full of these walls and stone houses).

Fashion designer Charlotte Taylor chose to build a bench of grass and 60ies inspired mix of flowers. Happy!

The Sloane Hotel had these attractive arrangements in old wooden boxes at the entrance. Inviting.

Even the estate agents in Sloane Square celebrated Chelsea Flower Shows Centenary.

More flower designs in Sloane Square, this is Hackett this week!

Smythsons who sell, manufacture and design their own leather wear and bags etc had made a bag out of beech leaves! Impressive!

Finally, we move towards Clerkenwell Design Week that started yesterday. This in in the Garden of St Johns Priory Museum were some outdoor furniture was displayed. The "show" goes on until Friday in Clerkenwell, if you have the time and are in London! More from there here on my blog tomorrow!

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