Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Cool 50+! Today everyone can be rock hot chic or monochrome with a hint of neon. When I was in my teens that would have been impossible or very embarassing (for the children). You just did not do it in the 70-ies. Luckily (lucky me!)this has changed. It is not about trying to look young, (curly long hair, short skirts and too much make up) . It is too dress your age but funky and happy! Here I am in what has always been my great favorite combination - black and white! Some are from last year and some are new! Yellow bag from Ted Baker (a bargain at Bicester Outlet, over a year ago), scarf HM (this one is at least five years old but just saw that they have something very similar just now). Pink blazer, HM, monochrome dress, Topshop. The tights are from a HM sale. Shoes, Topshop a year ago! Bracelat, HM (last year). Necklace and nail varnish from HM.

This fantastic dress would go nicely with my outfit. DKNY now!

Some Prada accessoiries, if I had the money!I love the shades!

L K Bennett is for grown up girls. And they have such a good spring collection this year! Just look at these fab pumps in neons. Would fit my wardrobe fab this summer.

Fancy a similar bag to mine! This one from DKNY is on sale now!

Monochrome for grown ups at Joseph.

For the monochrome look, take a visit to Michael Kors and pick up some lovely (but pricy) accessories! He has designed a gorgeus little outfit in black and white dogtoth pattern that I nearly could have died for!

Monochrome à la Prada!

Burgundy mixed with light blue and turquoise has been one of my favourites this winter. The leather (fake) jacket I picked up in Nice for nothing, t-shirt and leggings from HM. Scarf from Accessories years ago!

These fantasic sequinned sandals in faded jeans blue would look great with some of my outfits. Just cannot justify the price though! Miu Miu.

Mix patterns and textures. Jeans jacket from HM two years ago. Blouse from Topshop, last years collection. T-shirt and leggings both from HM. Palladium sneakers in leather.

Funky sneakers, would turn my outfit into evening wear. DKNY.

Denim and studs. The basic colour and texture for this summer season.

Finally, mix patterns but it is not as easy as i looks. Topshop knows how to do it! Mix flowers with Inka, animalprints and tie die. Anything goes!

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