Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Selfridges has really opted their game recently. The whole department store on Oxford Street has had a big rewamp and feels more up to date and trendy than ever.What use to be the Wonder Room are now a pop up store just now dedicated to David Bowie and the current exhibition at the V&A (runs until 11 August) and the shop will run until 2 June!  

Dress in gold and in a suite to match David Bowie when he was the White Thin Duke!

Aladdin in Zane on the wall in the pop up shop!

The windows just now are all the summer trends chosen by Selfridges. I love the themes thare are all based on current and upcoming festivals in the UK, dress in black and white for the evening happenings in spooky Edinburgh.

Dress in bold colours for Pride!

Dress in flowers for Chelsea Flower Show.

Dress in Grunge like Kurt Cobain and Nirvana for Glastonbury and similar music festivals this summer!

More grunge for music festivals.

Citrus colours for Notting Hill Carneval.

Pastels for Ascot!

Geomtric for digital revolution.

Sporty for London Marathons etc...

Stripes for the proms!

Suits for London City Festival

White for the Opera at Glyndebourne.

Metals and sheer for robotic music..

Mara Katrantzou with her so special geometric and patriotic Greek inspiration was displayed very noticeable!

Peter Pilotti of course. Wonderful!

Timothy Oulton opened a shop in shop at Harrods recently. The grand opening was last week with proper welcoming!

Lovely cheeses was served at Timothy Oultons big opening at Harrods.

Timothy Oulton at Harrods!

Timothy Oulton interiors and furniture with great British design and heritage in oversized and bold pieces in leather and metal and wonderful big beds with wooden headboards! Have a look for yourself at Harrods soon!

Wine department at Selfridges, take inspiration Systembolaget in Sweden!

Interiors at the basement in Selfridges, a trendy mix of vintage and new design.

Raw wooden surfaces on tables at Selfridges, I will be back tomorrow with more...

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