Thursday, 30 May 2013


Create an outdoor room in your garden or on your decking. This picture is from last year when the potatoes (in the buckets on the left) and the herbs etc had grown a bit and settled in! Chairs from Ikea, table from the french company Fermob (in Sweden you can get it from Svenssons i Lammhults).

Cornflower is together with Daisys are the "Swedish Summer Flowers no 1!" They are like the Christmas Tree for Midsummer and graduation celebrations here. A lovely combination wherever you are. Here in a vase by Gunnel Sahlin from on my fantastic vintage table from Provence that we got at Conrans (

Grey and black flower pots from Mix flowers with herbs in your outdoor livingroom.

Herbs in a big plastic container. I made some wholes in the bottom for proper draining. I buy the little potted herbs from the food shop and they normally take really well.

The view of my outdoor diningarea taken from inside the house. A lovely outlook towards the forest.

Finally, we had a green friend who liked the iPad. He or she matched the interior perfectly! More tomorrow!

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