Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Welcome to my house on Gåsö, or I should say, our house since I share it with my husband Bruce and son Hugo! And all other friends and family who comes to stay. This summer I am gonna spend a lot of time here and will post nearly every day. Interior, gardening, fashion, food etc. I promise that you will will not be disappointed. More about the house and the interior later. This i a bit of a teaser. This time I am staying until 2 June but will be back 17 June for more...

The lounge is facing two ways, onto the sea and onto to forest. Again, a teaser of it. Greens are at the moment the accent colour along with yellow and a bit of red!

It is still more like late spring than early summer and the cow slips are flowering on our island. Picked these today on our daily walk.

The latest addition to my collection of jugs it this little sweetie that I picked up in March when I was skiing up in the north of Sweden and we took a little trip over to Norway and the lovely little town of Röros (part of the World Heritage).

Last year I got some planting potatoes from my friend Lars and I was quite successful in growing them in buckets. So inspired by this that I am now preparing these little beauties to be planted shortly. Almond potatoes we call this variety that has its origin from the very north of Sweden.

Last but not least. Petunias "Black Velvet" and "Snowflake" Bacopia on the steps outside the house. Planted today to last the whole summer. The pots I bought in Nyköping two years ago in a lovely shop on the High Street there called Signe & Göta.

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  1. One of the most beautiful houses in the whole Archipelago!