Thursday, 18 July 2013


My (our) garden is growing even though we do not have much in it! The Black Velvet Petunias and the Snowflakes (Bacopia) has gone mad on our front steps.

The Nasturtions that will soon flower dark red nearly black is also called Black Velvet. Hopefully we will see them in full bloom soon if the dear will not enjoy them first!

More Nasturtions, the dear will not be able to have these!

Nasturtions again. I planted three big pots like these by our guest cabin. Soon in bloom...

The potatoes that I grow in buckets have come a far bit on there way. I planted a variety from the north of Sweden "Mandelpotatis" and it will take at least another month before the harvest!

The rocket is growing nicely, just have to keep the slugs away...
Went blueberry picking this morning. This is enough for a pie that I will make for the girls evening I will be attending tonight.

This is what they look like on the plant. We have them around the house!
"Blueberry Hill" on my land!

Part of my pie before it is baked. The berries and leaves are far much easier to create than you think.

The whole pie before having to spend 30 minutes in the hot oven.

The final result with a sea view. More about the girls evening etc tomorrow. If you want the recipe for the pie see earlier blog from last year!

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