Thursday, 25 July 2013


The annual flee market at Gåsö took place last Saturday. I had a some stuff leftover from when I sold my flat in Stockholm two years ago and I also made some cupcakes to sell along with some newly brewed coffee. Great success! I got rid of some off the old stuff and sold all of the cakes!

I also made some cupcakes for the dinner party that my sister held the same evening for some. Even the dogs got their own cakes. Newly picked blueberries as decoration.

My happy brother-in-law chef Clabbe roasting chicken with a beer can inside! With the top cut off and half filled with beer. Makes a very yummy and juicy chicken! Try it!

The cupcakes that I sold at the flee market had our island name on it! And some blueberries and raspberries that I picked the same morning by our house! They are all growing wild in the archipelago.

My sisters new installation in her kitchen. The shelf was "leftover" when she redecorated her kitchen in town. It had a coat of white paint and now is the new home of some pastel coloured mugs, plates and cookbooks! A nice idea to copy in your kitchen!

My nasturtions that I have grown from seeds are finally flowering. A very nice dark red, more to come...

My water can has a new green friend. A gift from Cloe and Cecile, some of the young girls on the island that thought they would suit me and my garden, and rightly so!

Our outdoor living room is growing nicely and looking more and more lived in. This is the view from my sister house! More tomorrow from a very nice girls party I went to this week with recipes etc...

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