Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Last Sunday was the French National Day. 14 July, when the heads were rolling in Place de la Bastille! Celebrated by all French people around the whole world, and a few more. Like me and my family and friends at Gåsö in the Stockholm Archipelago. On this island that are so full of people during the summer months (close to sinking according to one of the "old crowd") we have at least two French gentlemen, both named patriotically right, yes, they are both Francois! Both celebrated by having party's. The older by throwing a drinks party in the garden starting in the afternoon (the elder one, I was not invited) and the younger one by inviting all of his friends for drinks and dancing from 8 pm. And what a party. The dancing went on until 4 am (I left "early" at 1.30 pm). To help my host celebrate a bit extra I made some cup cakes with the tricolore on top in icing. Even the inside was red!

Francois to the left at his house on Gåsö decorated with the Tricolore for the evening event! Thank you for a lovely party. More tomorrow.  PS The cup cake recipes you can find on this blog from last week!

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