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Nora, a very charming little town in the famous Bergslagen where a lot of mines use to be in the old days. From slate to copper... The detective stories based in Skoga written by Maria Lang (Dagmar Lange) is in reality Nora, her home town and summer resort when moving to Stockholm (headmaster at a secondary school in Östermalm). Today her nephew takes you on a guided tour showing off the murder scenes etc...

By the town square you will find this signs that will take you to the beach, hotel, library, toilets etc. That´s how big/small this lovely town is!

The church is situated right in the center!

The interior of the church, which was renovated in the early 1980-ies when this type of marble painting was very "in".

A typical Nora Street with the stone street and wooden old houses! A delightful Carpenters Delight!

This shop in the Town Square has got its name from the detective stories. It is filled with antiques and flee market "stuff". A real treasure cabinet!

Nora is situated by a picturesque lake, Norasjön. Nice for a swim and to walk around!

Nora is also famous for its delicious daily fresh made ice cream. Here one of the classic flavors, Hazelnut.

One of the Nora Glass owners and makers at the making!

At one of the many antiques/fleemarkets of Nora in the Town Square!

Nora is filled of old wooden houses and doors. Just look at this old beauty.

There is two cafées down by the lake, this one (Silkes Bageri Café) serves organic produce and bake everything themselves! Next door you will find "Strandstugan" more of a café with the famous Nora Glass! It is said that the author, Maria Lang, came to Strandstugan everyday when she was visiting having tea and ice cream!

This is the old interior shop which is still in the same trade but with mainly kitchen utensils. A gallery on the second floor currently showing glass art.

A lovely eye catcher in the street, an old boiler that has been turned into a attractive flowerpot.

One of the many lived in courtyards with little front gardens.

We stayed in this sweet little hotel in the middle of the town. I can highly recommend "Lilla Hotellet". Clean, cosy and newly renovated with a lovely courtyard for all guests to enjoy.

Lilla Hotellets courtyard.

More from Lilla Hotellet!

In the outskirts of Nora we found this lovely garden and nurseries with café. Rosengården (The Rose Garden). Unfortunately they had had problems with the draining system so the garden was in a bit of a mess. Still lovely though, just look at this mini lake overlooking the Norasjön.

At Rosengården they,ve used wooden walls to create outdoor rooms. Here a sitting area for the café.

Down by the Norasjön were old train carriages turned into café and restaurants and fleemarkets!

At Rosengården, the menue written on local slate.

Everything in the Rosengården café and shop had a rose theme! Lovely embroidery on the tables.

Just a little teaser from the Rosengården Shop.

Coffe or tea where drunk out of these vintage cups at Rosengården. Sweet! And that is all from Nora today, second part tomorrow along with some home made Swedish "bulla" i.e buns! See you then.

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