Thursday, 4 July 2013


Yesterday I went on one of my many walks on my lovely Gåsö (in the Stockholm Archipelago/Sweden) and took some nice pictures of plants etc. This one we call "Älggräs" which means Elgh grass. You can make lemonade from it just like Elderflower (same procedure). I have not tasted it but they say it tastes very similar to Elderflower.

This is part of my many walks and what you see along the path is Bluberries. Not time yet to pick them, another couple of weeks and and we need some rain. If not my homemade Blueberry Pie is not gonna happen this year!

A close up view of the Blueberry Bushes. Nearly there!

Another rare and wonderful plant that grows naturally on our island is Digitalis. A wonderful sight!

This is the gate to the most beautiful garden on the island, the one by Kina & Francois. More to come later, still not quite in full bloom.

The Dogroses are in full bloom. I love them. Use to take may grandmums sunhat and decorate it with Dogroses and Dandylion as a child!

My own new growth by the house, my potatoe plants, just coming up...more later.

I stop here and do a bit of stretching and meditation during my walks. Enjoy...

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