Wednesday, 17 July 2013


If you are visiting Nora in Bergslagen (Sweden) do not miss "Göthlinska Gården". The Manor of Göthlins. This lovely and genuin house in the center of Nora was built 200 years ago and was inhabitet during the 19th hundred by the family Götlinder. He was the local banker and after his death the family stayed until the eldest daughter died and left it to the commune to be saved (same interior as from the start of the 1900) as a trust. It looks exactly as it did when Miss Ingrid Göthlinder lived here, well-to-do and beautiful but never garish. The manor is located next to the square, and the beautiful garden, with the best view in town, is worth a visit in itself. And be absolutely sure that you don´t miss Silkes Café in Sjöstugan were you can eat the famous locally and homemade (new everyday) icecream Nora Glass!

A still life in the kitchen. Just as it was a hundred years ago.

One of Miss Ingrid Göthlinders big passions was to paint on china, this tea set is by her!

There was only one grandchild in the family. Hugo, this is a close up from the nursery and a picture of him!

This is the bed of Miss Ingrid. Very modest and charming at the same time.
Like a lot of familys in Sweden in the early 19th hundreds they painted the Gustavian type furniture white inspired by Carl Larsson, the very famous Swedish artist from nearby Dalarna.

In those days the bank office was managed from home and there was even a big safe in the office!
That was all for today. Tomorrow an update from my simple garden at Gåsö. See you all then!

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